Global Equality: Puerto Rico’s Status into United States of Puerto Rico

I believe the only way to surgically remove the scars from our past is by allowing us the right to colonize the United States of America and thus converting it into the United States of Puerto Rico. The time we are allowed to be in power can fall between 4-8-lifetime years, we’re open minded. The reason I use to justify this as a right of ours, the Puerto Rican people, follows:

For centuries countries have been exploiting natural resources in and around our blessed island. Currently the United States of Puerto Rico formerly America is extracting natural gas in an off-shore drilling deal with other countries including one from the Middle East, and it happens to be in nearby international waters. Since the island of Puerto Rico, the epicenter of all life on this planet is taking one for the team (ahem earthquakes) in order to achieve a peace deal (my speculation), a deal that benefits the entire world, then Puerto Rico gets named ruler of the world and your Queen Cacique gets center stage.


Tu Cacique


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